If you just shivered through an unexpectedly cold shower or spotted a puddle growing under your hot-water tank, it’s time to call CRNE’S Environmental Control.

Our licensed technicians have decades of experience inspecting, repairing, and replacing water heaters in Northbrook, IL, and beyond.

Call us at (847) 272-3192 for a free in-home estimate on the purchase of a new unit, or request service online.

Water Heater Service in Northbrook

Expert Water Heater Repair

CRNE’S has been a trusted North Shore HVAC company since 1990, serving residential and commercial customers alike. Because your comfort is our main concern, our heating and cooling technicians also know their way around water heaters and backup generators, and we’re equipped to address a variety of indoor air quality concerns too. 

Water Heater Repair Northbrook

Hot water is one of those must-haves most of us take for granted — until it’s not available. If filling the bathtub is a challenge or you think your unit has sprung a leak, call CRNE’S for quick, quality water heater repairs. Our experienced crew can work on any make or model.

Don’t Wait – Get Hot Water Back Now

Quality Installation Services

If it’s time to replace your unit, our knowledgeable technicians are happy to help you choose the best option for your home or business, based on your needs and budget, of course. Here are just a few of the variations to consider:

Fuel choices:

Gas or Electric

Reservoir choices:

  • Conventional storage tanks, which hold 20 to 200 gallons of hot water in reserve until it’s needed
  • Tankless systems, also known as on-demand systems, which heat and deliver water only when it’s needed
  • High-recovery tanks, which typically have a smaller reservoir than traditional units but re-heat water more quickly

Maintaining Your Equipment

Did you know a unit tends to corrode from the inside out? When water is heated and exits the tank, the minerals left behind are deposited at the bottom. Over time, the base corrodes and will leak. Contact CRNE’S at the first sign of seepage, and we’ll help you avoid an emergency situation.

Regular maintenance can help prolong the life of your equipment. Our annual service includes a thorough assessment of the unit and complete draining of the tank. We inspect and clean all necessary components to make sure your equipment is safe and in proper working order. We will even provide recommendations on what you can do to care for your equipment.

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Count on CRNE’S to keep your home and business cozy. We make your comfort our priority with fast, reliable water heater installation and repairs as part of our comprehensive HVAC services. Call us at (847) 272-3192 today or request service online, and make sure to check out our specials for potential savings. We serve all of northern Chicagoland, from Northbrook, Palatine, and Wheeling to Buffalo Grove and Lake Forest.