As the frigid temperatures move into Chicago’s North Shore, the air gets drier inside and out. Combat dry skin and improve your indoor air quality with a whole-house humidifier from CRNE’S Environmental Control. Call the friendly staff in our Northbook office at (847) 272-3192 or request service online.

Humidifier Installation Northbrook IL

Improve Your Life with a Home Humidifier

Benefits for Your Health and Home

Humidity levels affect the temperature at which you feel most comfortable, and also influence overall air quality. A whole-house humidifier from CRNE’S can give you control over both, even when your heat isn’t running. In the winter when the air is dry, it can make the air feel warmer — at lower thermostat settings — by increasing moisture levels.

Whole-house humidifiers also help prevent premature aging of your home’s infrastructure. Dry air can cause damage to paint and plaster, as well as wood floors and furniture. Too much humidity can cause problems too, including the potential for mold growth. An integrated system can regulate moisture levels all year.

How Our Humidifiers Work

A whole-house humidifier from CRNE’S is built into your HVAC system, delivering conditioned air through your duct system. That means you don’t have to worry about filling a water tank or dumping water from individual units in different rooms. In addition to recommending the best Carrier equipment for your needs, we can also upgrade your thermostat to allow easy monitoring of humidity levels as well as temperature.

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