Illinois residents are thrilled that temperatures are on the rise. It’s that beautiful time of year when you can throw open the windows and enjoy some reprieve from running your HVAC. However, before you know it, that first hot day will make an appearance—and it’s time to turn on the AC.

Is your air conditioner ready to handle another Illinois summer?

air conditioner

Let’s face it: Your AC goes through the ringer. It works tirelessly throughout the summer heat, cranking out the cool air so you can be comfortable. If you take a look inside that unit, you’d see a hundred little parts, fluids, and lubricants—all working together. However, one thing goes wrong, and the other parts (and you!) suffer.

Don’t wait until the weather is hot to figure out whether your unit is working properly. Instead, schedule a routine AC service from CRNE’S Environmental Control. Just like you schedule an annual check-up at your doctor’s office, your AC needs some preventative medicine to keep it working well.

We recommend that homeowners get an annual AC tune-up because we’ve found that AC units with routine maintenance:

  • Work more efficiently
  • Last longer
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Help you avoid costly breakdowns and repairs

AC service from CRNE includes a thorough cleaning of your unit, including the components. We make sure the air conditioner is working properly, replacing components as necessary. Our technicians will also give you recommendations on how you can extend the life of your air conditioner.

CRNE has been serving the Northbrook, Wheeling, and Buffalo Grove since 1990. We specialize in routine HVAC maintenance, repairs, and installation as well as home generators and air quality testing. To schedule your annual AC service and tune-up, contact CRNE at (847) 272-3192 during regular business hours, or you can request service online any time.

photo credit: air cooled – Phoenix via photopin (license)